We are a full-service dry cleaner and laundromat.  We also offer Wash/Dry/Fold service, and one-day turnaround: in by 9 AM, out by 5 PM!  We have front door parking, large capacity washers (50 lbs) and dryers (75 lbs).  We have complete alteration services, are happy to take care of your suedes, leathers, and  UGG boots, and will restore, dry clean, seal and preserve your wedding dress.


We dry clean most fibers, including pre-spotting and pressing.  If your garment needs alterations or mending, we can do that at the same time.  We also clean comforters, drapes, pillows, UGGs, suede and leather, wedding dresses, Oriental and area rugs.  We offer same day service - in by 9 AM, out by 5 PM.  We offer monthly special deals, and coupons.  See "Specials."


You can use our self-service laundry, or give us your laundry and we'll do it for you.  Our usual service is to wash however many loads you bring in, dry them, and neatly fold everything for you to pick up finished.  If you request our shirt service or make a special request we also press laundry and return it on hangars or folded -- your choice.  All laundry and cleaning is done on site.


The laundromat is open 24/7 and an attendant is always on duty, night or day.  You can park right at the door and enjoy our free WiFi while you're waiting for your wash.  We have enough machines you can do several loads at one time, and  our many oversize washers and dryers accommodate your oversize items: washable comforters, blankets, jackets, bedding, rugs, tablecloths, beach towels, and more.




We have an outstanding seamstress who's been with us for several years to do your alterations and repairs.  If your garment needs to be pinned or measured, please call ahead to find out when she'll be available as she doesn't work all the hours we're open.


We take special care of your precious wedding or vintage items.  After cleaning them, we pack and seal them so they don't yellow or rust over time.  The modern cleaning and packing products we use these days will preserve your special items so they're good as new for future generations.


Bring your shirts in by 9 AM and you can pick them up clean, dry and pressed at 5 PM.  We can return them beautifully folded, or on hangars.  Check our printable coupons for shirts, too!


UGG boots are a challenging cleaning job, and boots can easily be ruined if cleaned at home.  We use special professional processes to give them back to you clean and in perfect condition.


Another job that's difficult to do at home and can easily damage your interior decor: rugs!

Older Oriental carpets are particularly vulnerable, so we encourage our customers to bring them to us.


Suedes and leathers require special treatment and should be professionally cleaned by experts (like a cleaners with 60 years experience!)

Disclaimer:  Even the best cleaners with 60 years' experience like Dinsmore can't always get stains out or prevent damage to your belongings. Our staff is trained to warn you if there's a chance there will be a problem so you can choose whether to invest in trying without a guarantee of the results you hope for.  It's always a decision only you can make.