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Our new "Green Machine" has arrived!


This is the new Union HL840 "Green Machine" that allows us to switch our dry cleaning over from perch to hydrocarbon solutions that are much friendlier to the environment and to you, our valued customers.

We thank the Minneapolis Health Department for approving our grant application to their environmental improvement initiative, making it possible for us to afford this very expensive new equipment. We're now in the process of looking for the right partner for environmentally friendly laundry products -- watch for that coming soon! We plan to carry a premium natural compound you can't now buy locally that we can stand behind both for use at our laundromat and for you to buy for your home.

Please let your neighbors know they can now bring their dry cleaning to Dinsmore with confidence they're getting a healthier service for themselves and their families right here in the neighborhood! We hope you all support local business, and encourage your neighbors to do so! That's the only way Dinsmore has stayed in business here in NE Minneapolis for more than 60 years!

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