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Cold Weather IS Coming!

it's hard to believe temperatures will soon drop, work will move inside, kids will go back to school, and the rain will turn to snow...but that's how it is in Minnesota, and we wouldn't want it any other way! Dinsmore Cleaners can help you get ready in several ways: We can dry clean the suits, coats, jackets and slacks you'll need this fall and winter. We can clean your down coats, jackets, and comforters. We can clean your Ugg boots. If your area rugs, blankets, or drapes need cleaning, we can do that, too! Those are "fall cleaning" tasks we love to do once a year, in addition to all the laundry and dry cleaning we do all year. If you bring things in before 9AM, you can pick them up the same day after 5PM. HTTPS://dinsmorecleaners.com.

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