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Make 2022 a Year of Kindness and Giving!

It's been a difficult two years for a lot of people in our neighborhood who have had Covid, lost friends or relatives to Covid, been stuck home with children out of school, or just been isolated with Covid. It's been particularly difficult for older people and those with preexisting conditions or disabilities who have had to be even more careful (read that "restricted," or "isolated") than the rest of us. Amazon, Zoom, and Instacart have helped them survive and keep things going from home, but there hasn't been a service to bring us their dry cleaning or laundry. We know many of our customers contribute to the community, and a good deed for 2022 would be to offer to bring it for those who are still isolating. We clean many more things than most people think about (Ugg boots, for example) - check everything out at www.dinsmorecleaners.net. Call us if you have any questions.

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