Brought in a bridesmaid's dress in urgent need of pressing for my sister's wedding. I brought it in Thursday at noon, and it was done within 24 hours. Super cheap, and it looked great..  Now: did I fall down the stairs mid-ceremony whilst wearing said dress at said wedding? Of course I did. But the dress was perfectly pressed! It didn't even have any wrinkles in it post-stair-fall; it stayed looking as perfect as it did pre-tumble! 

Good on you, Dinsmore. Any business that helps me look better falling down stairs than I would otherwise have looked is a good, good business in my book.

Tea B.

Visiting from San Francisco

I always have a good experience here. I bring my heavy load stuff here because I am protective of my washer-dryer in my apartment. Very nice staff and the other patrons just appear to be so nice - to eachother too! I thought Spanish men were supposed to be too macho to help their women - that's never been true at Dinsmore. I've been a satisfied customer for 9 years.










Dorothy Robinson


I went here today to wash a bunch of laundry. The staff was friendly and helpful. The facilities are clean. The change machines were all out of order, but the cashier helped me exchange my cash for change at the register. I overall had a very good experience. I am surprised to read about all the bad experiences people have had, because it was a MUCH better laundromat than others I've encountered (including a roach-infested one in Duluth).










Ashley Swenson


I've been going there for years and never had any problems.









Eddie Hagan


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