We're Going Green!

Until recently, Dinsmore (along with 85% of all other US dry cleaners - or 35,000 of us) used perchloroethylene in our cleaning process.  Then we became sensitive to the negative effects this chemical has on the environment.  It can pollute the soil and the water table, and it can also evaporate and make the air you breathe slightly toxic.


So....now that we know this...


We've changed our equipment and our cleaning solutions to all natural products. On the Dry Cleaning side, we've installed a new Union HL840 Dry Cleaning Machine and switched from perchloroethylene solvents to hydrocarbons, much friendlier to the earth, the air, the water table, and you, our valued customers. 


We applied for and won a matching grant from the Minneapolis Health Department anti-pollution cost-share initiative to make this expensive change possible, for which we're most appreciative.


On the Laundry side, we're in negotiations with a leading natural products manufacturer in Wisconsin to both use and sell their outstanding natural laundry products, which are not now available at any other local cleaners or retail stores for washable goods.


Dinsmore is a good corporate citizen and concerned about the environment for the whole community's sake, but our primary goal is to make our Dry Cleaning and Laundry services as safe and healthy as possible for you and your family.


We appreciate your business in the past, and are happy we've now been able to make this improvement to serve you even better in the future.